Cantek Group

Cattle Slaughter Unit On-Wheels

  • Model: MSH Cattle OW40
  • Type: On Wheels
  • A self contained slaughter unit for cattle with a slaughter capacity at min 8 head per hour
  • The unit comprises a towable trailer, so that it just needs to be connected to a truck for transportation
  • ‘Plug n play’ and ready to use
  • Mobile solutions eliminate the need for civil or mechanical work as they arrive pre equipped, minimizing construction and setup time self sufficiency by an integrated technical equipment room
  • Suitable for daily use at any location, i e the backyard of a farm
  • Cattle with max 700 kgs of live weight can be slaughtered properly
  • Ensuring food safety and preventing contamination in a secure setting by adhering to specific hygiene regulations

Technical Data

  • Dimensions W 2550 L 13600 H 5300 mm (H 3800 mm when closed)
  • Generator 72 kvA 57 6 kW)
  • Electricity 380 400 V, 50 Hz
  • Clean Water Inlet DN 20
  • Waste Water outlet DN 50
  • Blood Outlet DN 20

Unit Equipment

  • Trailer Chassis
  • Double Deck slaughter Construction
  • CTP Panel Covering
  • Floor Covering and Drainage (SS)
  • Stunning Box (SS)
  • Bleeding Area & Processing Area Tube rail systems (SS)
  • Bleeding, Head taking, Transferring, Carcass Lowering Cranes
  • Tube Rail Bleeding Hooks (SS)
  • Tube Rail Processing Hooks (SS)
  • Hydraulic Leg opening and Transferring Platform (SS)
  • Hydraulic De Hiding Machine (SS)
  • Hydraulic Tripe and Carcass Splitting Platform(SS)
  • Overhead Carcass Weighting (SS)
  • Head Chute & Tripe Chute (SS)
  • Washbasin & Knife Sterilizers (SS)
  • LED Lighting
  • Generator
  • Blood Collection Tank (SS)
  • Waste Water Collection Tank (SS)
  • Clean Water Storage Tank (SS)
  • Water Heater
  • Fully installed piping (SS)
  • Fully installed electrical cabling
  • Cleaning System (Combination Unit Water, Chemicals, Disinfectant)
  • Hydraulic Control System for Constructions and equipment
  • Electrical Control Panel with PLC control


  • EFA Leg Cutting Share
  • EFA Carcass Splitting Saw
  • EFA Breastbone Saw
  • EFA Quartering Saw
  • EFA Stunner